finally settled in the hotel room here in palm springs. the wi-fi is spotty, but i’ve got verizon to thank for the unlimited plan and mobile hotspot via phone tether.

the drive from salinas was long — really long. i drove down by myself this year, and i got a speeding ticket for my efforts.

chp caught me near paso robles on highway 46 going 91 miles per hour in a 65 zone. i knew i was done for as soon as i looked down at my speedometer after i recognized the vehicle passing me in the opposite lane.

at least he didn’t tail me for a few miles before flashing the lights. we were pretty much alone on the highway, so there was no need for suspense.

having no passengers riding with me meant i spent the entirety of the trip popping cd’s in and out of the deck, singing along to u2, jimmy eat world, audioslave, pearl jam, and phantom planet. there was some radiohead and coldplay near the end.

so, here we go — cue conference 2019. it’s good to be back where the sun is out. i’m going to get some food after this quick post and maybe walk around a casino.