having just gone to nycc21, i came to the realization that i needed to finally put down in words some of the stories i’ve had cooking in my brain the past few years.

seeing the artists, starving and not, working so passionately on their craft and sharing their creativity with attendees made me realize that i needed to start expressing myself and some of the ideas that i’ve carried for so long.

so i’m going to repurpose my blog to be an open notebook for my stories. the plan right now is to start writing a science-fiction story called light year. it’s going to be done in bits and pieces. i’ve tried doing this in a traditional way, writing in a linear fashion, but that hasn’t worked.

i’m going to do what’s necessary to finally get this story down in written form. you may see blog posts with dialogue, plotting, and changelogs — much of it in very raw form. as i continue writing, i’ll compile, shape, and form the chapters to the story.

something i’ve considered is that i like writing more than i’m actually good at it. my real strength is in editing. so i’m going to write and then edit, edit, edit. i’m going to start with blocks of text and try to carve some coherent story out of what i’ve written.

it’s going to be a process. i hope you enjoy watching it as much as i hope i enjoy going through it.