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we are all victims here

Posted on August 18, 2018

“you finally brought it!” i said, as joseph pulled out a case from his backpack. earlier in the week, he challenged me to a game of mario tennis. he put the case on my desk and began unzipping it as two others walked over to see what was going on. i reached over and grabbed my backpack. i pulled my nintendo switch out and handed it to marcos. “let’s play!” joseph shouted. “can’t,” i said, turning my chair towards my computer screen. my computer science class had just finished its first exam, and i had grades to input. i didn’t see the harm in letting the students play a couple video games since it was club day, and i’m co-advisor of the gaming club.…


Posted on June 6, 2018

i had to step outside of class for a brief moment after the bell rang and walked through a group of my students sitting outside and eating their brunch — i don’t allow food in the computer lab now that the new desktops have been received and installed. one of the students i didn’t recognize, but it’s the end of the year and i didn’t need to know whose class the student was missing, why they were out, or whether they even had permission. things get so lax after grades are turned in and right before the seniors disappear from campus and go into the stadium to practice walking for graduation. with a glance, i counted five. they stood around a tight circle near…