they say, “the first step is always the hardest,” but i’ve always liked jumping face first into things, despite the head trauma. (i don’t consider myself a sadist, but one could point out a particular set of routines and have me confused as one.)


i have a problem with restraint. i just can’t tell myself no. self-denial isn’t a thing with me. if self-control was a pair of handcuffs, call me houdini. if responsibility was a road sign — well, we know road signs are just suggestions, right?


that’s why my friends call me clumsy. i can’t help smashing into things. i collide with everything. maybe it’s my way of experiencing the world around me. i have to absorb it somehow because i can’t keep my distance for too long. i become fixated, obsessed, and like a rubber band stretched too far, i snap forward with crushing force.


it hurts, and sometimes it takes a while to heal. but once i’m back on my feet, i’m making the same mistakes all over again.


it’s my thing. it’s my superpower.


and so i have this new blog. version 10.0. i want this one to be it. i want this to be complete. i want this to hold the essence of my being if my being could be buoyed by a salt-ridden ocean of text. let this blog be every thing i ever wanted in a blog.





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