first official day of cue conference 2019.

while we waited for the exhibit hall to open at 11am, i met the guy who wrote the first book on programming the apple iie and talked to sony representatives about their new programmable robots.

in the hall, i stopped at a vendor passing out bags branded with the msi logo. i haven’t purchased any msi parts for my custom computers, but after today, i’m thinking about making msi my go-to computer if we fill the lab at school with more desktops.

apparently, msi is getting into education via esports. and if i get my way, i’m going to start building an esports team for league of legends and magic arena at the high school.

i mean, why not? students get recruited by colleges for sports and other extracurriculars, and esports is bringing in lots of cash. ninja’s out there promoting apex legends for seven figures, and colleges are jumping on the train and recruiting.

it’s a field i have some experience in, and i’ve always wanted to coach. it could get more students interested in computer science and elevate the pathway. and like the football program, we could bring in some money to be used to get the department moving further, faster.

while i kept myself giddy thinking of things that could be, i didn’t neglect to check out some really great sessions. i checked out google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning session where i got some great links.

if you didn’t know, google has a science fair that students can participate in.

they also have a site called experiments with google that’s loaded with new and fun ideas people can play with.

i skipped the key note to attend a session about how — and why — teachers should become google certified instructors and innovators. i’m planning on getting myself to at least level two as a google certified educator, and maybe i’ll try getting certified as a trainer as well. being able to get your own demo domain and getting first looks at new google stuff is a perk i’m really interested in.

after the sessions, i came back to the hotel, charged my phone, then waited to see what everyone else was up to. after a few hours waiting, i decided to go out and venture the downtown area alone.

the palm springs farmers’ market was out in full force with people everywhere. after wandering the strip back and forth, i settled for some ramen and a rice bowl at a restaurant.

then, because i felt like i should, i went to the casino and played some blackjack.

i say played, but it wasn’t all that fun — and maybe it was good it ended that way. i lost $500 before i even finished my dr. pepper. on my second hand, i somehow miscounted 12 as 17. the guy next to me must have thought i was a complete idiot.

i think it was fitting that my last blackjack game ended so pitifully. i think my gambling days are over, at least for now, and i don’t just mean gambling in casinos. i think my recklessness has finally lost its appeal. it’s a characteristic of mine that i’m finally ready to shed.

and for good reason. i’m about to receive an expensive speeding ticket, and i’ve been carrying a credit card debt on a laptop i bought years ago. i’ve made some really poor decisions these past few years — these past few decades.

like, why? what am i doing?

i’m ready to be better, and it takes a bit of accounting.

but i’m ready.

(coincidentally, rick and morty have just blown up something. rick is shaking, and morty is asking why rick keeps getting them in bad situations. this is hitting close to home for me.)

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